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Rosefruits is a cooperation of more then 10 years between two growers in Serbia and Stokman Rozen. On Floraholland flower auction products are sold under Stokman Rosefruits with supplier code 94472 and Stokman Rozen Fruit with supplier code 94389.

On both nurseries rose hip stems are the only grown product. There are only very little growers in the world that grow just rose hip stems and are fully specialised in this product. We supply the largest range of varieties and the largest supply in the world including various exclusive products. Presently the farms have 25 hectares in cultivation and this is expanding yearly.


The circumstances on the farms in Serbia are very favourable to grow beautifull rose hips. Wild roses naturally are growing extremely well in the area. The dry climate climate minimises sprays needed against funguses and reduces risks of non-harvest. No herbicides are being used, weeds are being removed mechanically, by hand or lately with our steam weeder. During flowering we do not spray at all since millions of bees are then busy pollinating our crops. When pollination went well the flower will transform into a fruit that after august will colour from green to orange or straight to red. On the fields there are spacious pathways every few rows on which wild flowers grow, providing an optimal natural balance. Soon we will be certified and in a couple of years we hope to offer biologically grown products.


At this moment we offer 15 different varieties of rose hips. There are differences in colour, hip size, spray-type and delivery period. The variety Sunset Hiphop is the brightest orange coloured and is one of our unique products. Our most exclusive product is the rose hip wreath. The largest wreath we offer has a diameter of almost one meter, costing a ful day to make it and containing around 10.000 small hips, we ony make this size on special request. In cooperation with Kwekerij Kool we developed the product Autumn Rosefruits, the only small rose hip being available in lengths from 40 up to 90cm throughout the whole autumn up to christmas.


Thornless rose hips have become our trademark and this helped the product a lot becoming more popular. Now that the vicious thorns are no longer an issue rose hip stems have become a serious and popular product to add to the exclusive autumn bouquet. The sorting code 024 “without thorns and without leaves” was introduced on our initiative and meanwhile became a standard.


From the farms in Serbia the rose hip stems are all being transported to OZ Import in Aalsmeer. With OZ Import, under the umbrella of Coloriginz, we have an exclusive cooperation. They unpack the products, arrange logistics, do the direct sales and sales through their webshop.

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