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Storing rose hips
Rose hips are not flowers but fruits. They have the longest shelve life when kept cold and as humid as possible. Storage just above zero is best, although from nature they can cope with a few degrees of minus during a night frost when the hips are still hard. A low humidity from indoor heating or direct exposure to a dry coldstore wind will cause the hips to dry out sooner. For longer term storage in a coldstore it is better to cover the product with a piece of plastic to prevent drying out. During cold and humid weather outside it is fine to display rose hips outside, as long as there is no frost.

Pimp your hips
By dipping rose hip stems into parrafin or paintbrush them with a colour or snow you can pimp your hips and give them a second life.

Pure rose hip stems
A vase with just rose hip stems or a rose hip wreath will be enjoyed for a longer time and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor decorations. Rose hips do not suffer much from wind or rain meaning they also can be sold for decorating the garden table in autumn.

Availability sells exclusively to wholesale and on the auction clocks of Floraholland in Rijnsburg, Aalsmeer, Naaldwijk en Eelde.


Purely rose hip stems
With purely rose hip stems in a vase or a wreath of just rose hip you will enjoy for much longer then a normal flower bouquet. It will bring pure autumn happiness inside your home.

Also outdoor
Rose hip stems and wreaths do not suffer from wind or rain, making them a suitable product to decorate your gardenfor example on an outdoor table.

A second life
Many rose hip varieties dry up nicely after a few weeks so that you can enjoy them even longer. Consider not to throw them away to quickly and to give them a second life in the garden. Untill late winter your garden will have some colour and birds will happily eat the rose hips when food in nature becomes scarce.

Availability only sells to whole sale and via the flower auctions in the Netherlands. Between September


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